we are all children at heart.

Change the world one person at a time. 

By engaging the communities around us we begin to brighten the world one person at a time. Our engagement numbers grow daily. We believe the best way to spawn creativity and innovation is by the use of the best thing ever created, the human mind. When we spawn excitement in the hearts of people a change happens, a change for the better. These may be small changes but amount in huge innovations throughout life.

Play every chance you get.

Practicing play is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle, this is by design. These practices improve focus and concentration. We all need free unstructured playtime to protect our continued emotional development. Emotional development is not only for children and young adults. It is important for adults to stay active and playful in mind and motion.

Travel encourages strengths we never knew we had.

For those who are able to travel the world and experience new people, places and things daily this may seem like a redundant statement. However travel within a mixed reality design encourages a completely different way of travel and hands on experience.


if not with you, then who?

Atlanta, GA 

By 2018 our team had already given away over 2K+ vr experiences in Atlanta. Using Smart Theater VR Mobile Headsets, the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go we approached numerous local events, festivals, summer camps, schools and locals that participate in our pop-up VR Street Experience Giveaways.


Filming at over 200+ locations with 360 content covering everything from animals and nature to short films based on sci-fi story lines. Combined with VeeR VR we have featured numerous, artists, entrepreneurs, therapeutic immersions and stories over the years. We bring these experiences to our communities and neighbors near and far.


Since 2016 we have released over 200 VR videos. Out of all the videos we have released we received the best feedback on our nature and location based immersions. After seeing this affect we felt it was worth putting a more focused path towards creating and developing mixed reality for all. No matter ones language or location. If you have a VR headset you can find immersive applications and short films meant for reflective and relaxing moments just for you, our global community, our neighbors. 



Our number one mission is to always make a positive difference. Change peoples lives with suggestions of grace, skill and individual talents. Help others to build. Build what you may ask?

We can't wait to see...




Atlanta, GA USA




Tel: 678.837.6095