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Privacy Policy and Use of Data Collected

Exhale XR does not and will not release your information in part or full to any third party, for any reason. We uphold your right to online and consumer privacy. All members’ data collected by Exale XR, through plan purchase, is done for the purpose of providing the best services to the buyer from Exhale XR. Exhale XR is not responsible for third parties, used by the purchaser for viewing or interacting with the Exhale XR content, such as browsers, headsets, mobile devices and or other devices or applications used by purchaser to experience or interact with Exhale XR services.


Membership Terms and Policy

For all members and plans…

On-the-go Exhale XR members social app

Exhale XR provides an open forum through its mobile wix app for on-the-go and “check in” social postings. This area is all inclusive. Use this area to brand your personal or businesses space within the Exhale XR community.

Exhale XR will not tolerate obscenity, vulgarity, misrepresentation or illegal activities within this social public space. Any members found violating this policy will immediately be deactivated as a member with no refund.

Please report any abuses witnessed to info@exhalexr.com

Membership Charges

Memberships will be charged to the card on file, monthly or yearly depending on your choice plan. See the “plans and pricing” page on the website for details.


For streaming memberships, non-licensing or personal memberships,

Personal memberships provide a streaming platform for our viewers to experience the VR Wellness Collection through our Exhale XR Portal. Under no circumstances are members to sell or offer others view ability or access to their Exhale XR member areas. For these purposes see our Business Plans and pricing.

If a member is found to be in violation of the Exhale XR terms of use agreements for access and type of plan purchased, the members account will immediately be canceled with no refund and legal actions may follow based on the extent of misuse.

Membership costs are set at a per household rate. This means you can share your family login info with family members who reside in the purchasers home. However do not share your login info with any one who resides outside of the members household. We do not recommend giving out your private login info, if you decide to share your info with another household member be sure you trust that person to have such sensitive information. Exhale XR will continue to provide excellent service and experiences and we hope our clients respect that every membership gained makes a difference to us as a small business.



For streaming memberships, non-licensing or personal memberships,

have a 1 day free trial. To avoid unwanted charges, cancel your membership before the trial period ends. Under certain circumstances we will release a refund for unused days or months associated with your membership and account.


For licensing memberships or business memberships,

Members under these plans have permissions to showcase and re-sell Exhale XR content under the guidelines set in the members agreement at time of purchase. Please see the Licensing Rights pdf document below for more detailed information into rights and allowances based on your plan.



For licensing memberships or business memberships, under certain circumstances we will release a refund for unused days or months associated with your membership and account, please contact support for more information. info@exhalexr.com

Downloadable in pdf format below.




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