• Exhale XR

The Exhale XR SHOP IS ALMOST open

After months of our team grinding out footage, edits, partnerships and a brand build... we are almost ready to release the first Exhale XR Wellness Packages for the public. We have intentionally kept our package rates and (optional) subscription prices at an affordable cost for all.

Mental healthcare is important to our energy levels, attitudes, relationships and lifestyle. Make sure you are taking a moment to inhale, hold and exhale with Exhale XR.

Once the shop is open you will have access to many retreats, phobia assist and nature based wellness. These packages are for you, the viewer, to use as a daily tool for relaxation, guided meditation, travel and more. With monthly new releases you will have hours of VR entertainment to guide you through those moments when you just need a getaway.




Atlanta, GA USA




Tel: 678.837.6095