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VR Meditation & Relaxation App for Enterprise

Take your patients further with the Exhale XR | VR Wellness for Enterprise app

Available on Android and iOS app stores March 2021

The Exhale XR for Enterprise app offers small to large businesses an affordable option for VR treatments and care. Unlike other VR relaxation apps, the Exhale XR apps are developed for businesses to easily activate in facility or on the go.

No costly hardware, software or training required. Activate the Exhale XR app for your clients today with ease. The Exhale XR app for enterprise works with VR smartphone compatible headsets and google cardboard.


What do I need to get started?

  • VR compatible smartphone(s)

  • VR smartphone headset(s)

  • The Exhale XR for enterprise app

  • Unlock full access - Premium membership


  • Pay per immersion, per 2 hour session

Where do I find smartphone compatible VR headsets?

As a general guide...

  • For long-term use, plastic smartphone compatible VR headsets are best. You can find the many types of headsets easily on Amazon - cost vary from $15-$40 per headset

  • For one-time or short term use, google cardboard or other cardboard VR headsets will work well.

Where do I find VR smartphones in bulk?

We recommend looking into sites like - cost vary from $70-700+

  • Amazon

  • Ebay

  • Alibaba


Have more questions?

No problem, search our FAQ for more information or email us at info@exhalexr.com

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