App Release: March 2021

HQ: Atlanta GA, USA

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“Come with us to explore the furthest realms of your imagination, escape into your own world of
relaxation and mental healing”

"Inhale from the past, exhale into the future with Exhale XR."

"I find self reflection and relaxation to be a must have in the urban survivalists tool-kit."

​Easy, affordable and mobile friendly, the Exhale XR | VR Wellness app provides a solution for all of us who could use a rejuvenating break from our “day to day” activities.


Find your perfect getaway mixture for a personalized virtual retreat.

With everyone's different lives in mind Exhale XR has designed a solution for easy accessibility to mental health breaks, whenever and wherever you desire!

The Exhale XR | VR Wellness app provides hours of unique, calming, immersive locations to pick from. With options to personalize your player space, guided meditations, and spoken word, available in an all-in-one easy to use app.

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  • Botanical Immersions

  • Enchanting Forest Getaways

  • Ocean Retreats

  • Underwater Journeys 

  • Wildlife​​ Viewings

  • Travel Destinations

  • Woodland forts and more...

  • Preferred atmospheric VR player options

  • Gaze styled selector for easy touchless interactions.​

  • 4K VR videos filmed to showcase 360-degree immersions on your phone.​​

  • The footage contained within the wellness library is unique to this app and not available on other viewing platforms.


Press Updates

- Press sample app available Feb 25th, 2021

- App releases March 2021

- PR Wire Link - Released 3/16/2021

-App is now free to download on iOS and Android - 5/15/2021

- See below for targeted markets press copy & imagery download links.

Exhale XR Mission

The Exhale XR mission is to provide exciting, quality ways for the immersionist to relax and rejuvenate at their own convenience. People around the world are in need of easy, affordable access to more mental health tools for self-improvement. Exhale XR strives to provide a wave of smiles and relaxation across the globe with the use of our virtual reality app. By adding Exhale XR to your wellness routine, you’ll become a part of the growing community of better-living and mental well-being practices.

Application Description

A user friendly and affordable VR Wellness app is now available for all. 


The Exhale XR | VR Wellness library is a great addition to your daily well-being routine. A first of it's kind, this virtual collection is a library of bright, beautiful, 360° calming immersions. Exhale XR’s main goal is to quickly transition the viewer into a fully immersive 360° space, that will instantly induce a sense of relaxation.  With options to personalize your player space, guided meditations, and spoken word, available in an all-in-one easy to use mobile app.   


Find the Exhale XR | VR Wellness press sample application on iOS and Android.


Target Market Press Kits






Existing VR Users


“high stress lifestyles”



"schools & educators"

"PC home users, mobile headsets"

The individual immersionist will flow with ease into a place of calm with the Exhale XR | VR wellness app.

Individuals with a tendency for high stress lifestyles due to their careers will find the VR wellness app easy for frequent use anywhere their time allows. 

Unlike other vr apps meant for use within medical centers and institutes, the Exhale XR | VR Wellness app does not require any specialized, costly hardware or software for patients to enjoy the fullness of the app with their healthcare worker. 

The Exhale XR | VR Wellness app creates a relaxing environment in which clients can begin and or end their sessions with a guided meditation or calming immersion. Care takers can guide their clients towards a healthier lifestyle with this addition to the care-takers toolkit. 

The Exhale XR | VR Wellness app, can be purchased for pennies on the dollar for institutional use. Without the demand of enormous cost of exclusive software licenses and hardware requirements previously needed, now students and educators are able to bring virtual reality to their learning programs.

Most advanced immersionists are looking for new and exciting ways to experience VR.


Exhale XR brings 2 solutions for this already adapted market.


The Exhale XR | VR Wellness mobile app on Android and iOS and...The World of Wanderlust. The World of Wanderlust is a fully interactive, exciting new way to explore in VR. This wellness app will be coming soon to the STEAM VR store.

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Company Story

In 2016 our parent company, Life Vision VR began to develop and film in spherical formats with the VR immersionist in mind. Fast forward to now, and we’ve released numerous VR-AR apps and experiences with our parent company Life Vision VR, and hold a list of awards and accomplishments for 360° short films and public speaking roles. On top of those accomplishments, we have gained an increasing amount of positive media coverage, much like this article on our last AR app release from Julian Vigo at

Upon seeing a need for more public VR self care tools we began to discuss what an easily accessible mobile VR app could look like. The concept formed into a relaxation app design which had been missing from the app stores experiences. 

Moving forward at the beginning of 2019 we knew that quality, affordable vr relaxation apps, would be the main focus for our company. Exhale XR was born of the primary idea that people need more control and access to affordable ways to take their mental wellness into their own hands. 

What does the XR in our name stand for? Extended Reality. The Exhale XR mobile app release was only one piece of the full mission. To extend one’s reality we needed to mix a traditional approach with the newest technological tools. In order to provide the fully immersive and extended experience, the immersionist deserves, we had to go further than the mobile phone apps allow for, and that’s what our latest developments are all about.. 

With this in mind, we began to lay out the concept for The World of Wanderlust. An app to be released on the STEAM VR app store for all immersionists to truly relax and find a place for interactive solace. Keep an eye out and subscribe at to receive future updates on all Exhale XR app releases, giveaways and happenings.

Statement From The Founder


In the modern world we humans are often faced with the need to adapt at a rapid pace, and with that need comes a certain level of stress. Exhale XR reminds us it is ok to take a minute to exhale, especially when life gets too stressful. My hope is that the Exhale XR | VR Wellness app will bring a bit of calm to you and your loved ones. Thank you for your interest in Exhale XR’s products and services.


Stephanie Marlo


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