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Sample VR Immersion for Relaxation

Sample VR Immersion for Calming

Sample VR Immersion for Meditation

Robert F.-

“Sleeping peaceful is not something I get to do often, well until I started using my VR headset for therapy instead of gaming. My busy travel schedule keeps me sleeping in foreign places and stuck in transport a good deal of my time. Now I take micro breaks in VR to help relax my mind and body. Taking these breaks to travel in VR have become my new nap.”

Amy C. -

“I was unable to find a good source for subduing my rushing thoughts, slowing my mind and relaxing. I’ve since found that VR allows for just that, a relaxing safe space for reflection. I am able to getaway, to slow my mind from my daily stresses. VR wellness continues to be very helpful for me.”

Ariel W. -

“I would recommend VR therapy to anyone looking for an addition to their current practices. I suffer from a fear of heights. It has plagued me since I was young. Slowly but surely I am working through this fear. I am gaining control of my physical reactions. Due to this new way of treating my fears I was able to attend my friend’s rooftop wedding without any panic attacks.”

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Explore all of the many choices Exhale XR provide for self reflection, getaways, over coming fears, wellness, therapy, meditation, travel and more.

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Once you have your perfect exploration package's all you need to do is drag and drop the files onto your mobile or stand alone device.

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Adventure using the virtual reality headset of your choice. Mobile, stand alone and tethered VR headsets + Exhale relaxation videos = Happy


 VR Therapies

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Explore the many solutions ExhaleXR provide for you and your clients.


  • VR Retreats

  • Guided Meditations

  • Connect with Nature

  • Overcome Phobias

  • Relaxation Stations

Relaxation Stations

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ExhaleXR’s team of trained VR specialists assist with:

  • Easy set up & maintenance

  • Staff Integration

  • Best practices for extended reality within your establishment

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Allow ExhaleXR to provide you a wonderful new method for connection & reflection. Purchase the wellness package(s) that best fit your purposes.

Things to KNOW

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  • Oculus Video Player

  • Vive Video Player

  • or try the latest VR video player on mobile app stores for mobile viewing.

Recommended Video Player Apps

high quality 360 immersions

  • 4k resolution

  • Rendered for monoscopic VR viewing

  • Playable on most portable devices. Videos are best viewed in a VR headset.

  • Wellness packs are delivered via zip folder upon purchase. Videos can then be transferred to the desired video player.

Video Specifications

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Exhale XR is set to cover and explore numerous ways to approach mental wellness through the use of new emerging technology such as virtual development, film and EEG reactors we are creating a different way to explore the minds interactions with outside, sometimes foreign, worlds.

We are a collaborative, each with talents who has created amazing virtual experiences with all of the hope that our worlds will help others to embrace new forms of relaxation and exploration beyond their current reach.

Releasing in Fall of 2019 you will find a relaxing world in which virtual visitors can explore, manipulate and adventure through lands specifically designed for your personal reflections. Our team of virtual reality specialists combined with therapists, pshychologist and specialists dealing with the minds behavior have created a space of wonder. A place where anyone can come to decompress in a magical mixture of fun and interactivity.  Virtual space gives us the means to create worlds past the norm, we can surpass gravity and take you places only your dreams have. 


Exhale XR is on a mission to provide a lasting experience for those who want to try something new for their mental wellness. In order to fully service our minds, bodies and souls we must be free to wander.




Atlanta, GA USA


Tel: 678.837.6095