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Not sure which device is best for you to enjoy the Exhale XR immersions? Are you a beginner to virtual reality and 360 environments? Or, are you just curious how to see our navigation works before becoming a member? Awesome, let's get started.

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  • Use before or after massages, yoga, therapy and more.

  • Consider adding a fragrant oil or lotion to the chest or neck area for an enhanced experience.

  • If you are in a noisy location or on a mobile device, use headphones to help dilute the exterior sounds. 

  • Find a quiet place to flow directly into your perfect immersion adventure.

  • Lay down in any immersion to enjoy the sky, just like outdoors. Remember you must set up your relaxation space for this before entering a headset. 

  • Dispense pleasing aroma therapies to your real world immersion space.

  • Once you have established your immersion safety zone, lower the lights.​

  • Consider covering your favorite chair, couch or floor space with a fuzzy cozy blanket to enhance the sense of comfort and relaxation during your VR experiences.

  • Add a bit of chocolate, grapes or your favorite snack to delight your senses while in your choice immersion.

  • For the adventurous viewers who take safety seriously, set up in a hammock or hanging chair for a truly incredible weightless accent to your VR experience. 

  • Sanitation. Sanitation. Sanitation. Refer to your vr headset or device manual for best cleaning practices. 

  • Stay aware of your real world surroundings.

  • DO NOT use while bathing.

  • DO NOT use with lite candles or incense burning.

  • Parent or guardian must be present when allowing children to partake in any XR activities.



  • A homeschooling delight, these videos can assist in both learning and play times for home-school and entertainment. Create fun adventures with your little ones using the VR Wellness Collection

  • Tour the parks featured for the month.

  • Get up close and personal with wildlife.

  • Make a day of it! Create a full lesson complete with lunch or dinner to compliment your family's vr travels. Going to the park in VR? Grill out in the yard after the adventure. 

  • Compliment underwater adventures and wildlife experiences with a book or educational video on the wildlife witnessed during the immersion. The sky is the limit!




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