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Release date - 10/14/2022

Game price - $3.99

DLC prices - $.99-1.99

Platform - Steam VR

VR support - Valve - HTC - Rift

- Meta Quest 2 - Windows MR

exhale vr in game 8.jpg

The world of Exhale XR anticipates a multifaceted user base. For this they have designed a world ideal for many to utilize the numerous places for their own meditations & therapy goals.

Reflection Island

Magnificently designed to tempt the senses, Reflection Island offers numerous interactions to guide users towards a calm state for self-care, meditation, and decompression.

Key elements

breathing exercises

suspended gong

restful rock toss

360 video retreat

wellness library

Meditation locales

pillow stack

candle light

wading pond

atop the tree

Ethereal Island

Carefully sculpted, this island is designed with a heightened sense of natural being. Rest under the tree roots in the water, gaze upon the sprites, or hop onto the glass elevator to ascend to the tranquil tower above. 

Key elements

glass elevator

glass floor overlook 360 video retreat

Meditation locales

tree bases

wading waters overlook

Meditation Island

To utilize this island, one must first release the sprite from its bottle. Suddenly, an array of interactions and spaces for meditation emerges on the island's floor.

Key elements

sprite release

meditation gazebo


360 retreat

Meditation locales



Tower of Tranquility

High in the night's sky, hundreds of feet above the trees, stands the Tower of Tranquility. This tower exudes a sense of harmony and comfort. Feel a welcoming glow of healing as you ascend past the botanicals, reaching further into the tower's peak.

Key elements

cosmic basketball archery

spacious overlook

Meditation locales

tip-top of tower

glass floor

Excellent meditation and mindfulness locales.

Atop the wise old tree among the pedals

Wading in the island waters of the islands

Alongside the candle lite pillow stacks

Tip-top of the tower & tower deck

On the glass ethereal overlook

Root into the meditation gazebo with 360 view

Surrounded by the tree roots in wading waters

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