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  • Oculus Quest - $399.99

  • Oculus Go - $199.99

  • Oculus Rift S - $499.99

  • Vive Pro - $1,399.99

  • Smart Theater VR - $9.99

Recommended VR Headsets


new packs released monthly


  • ​A Day in the City​

  • Botanical Dreams

  • Destination Explore

  • Enchantment 

  • Forest Getaways

  • Minds Rest

  • Ocean Retreats

  • The Deep

  • Underwater Journey

  • Whisked Away

  • Wildlife​​


Therapy Packages 

  • Agoraphobia - Beginner​

  • High Up Challenges

  • Submersion Challenges

Relaxation & Therapeutic Packages

what fits best for your needs

  • Relaxation: Our relaxation packs are set up with focus on beautiful views and atmospheric sounds.

  • Therapy: Our therapy packs are strategically set up to grow past your phobia(s). Keeping our viewers in mind we implement a simple begin for your immersion. From there you phase further and further into fighting your personal battle. At the very end of each vr therapy you receive a reward video to help take you into a peaceful place to enjoy your new excitement and empowerment.


  • Spoken word: The spoken word packs are created to inspire, empower and relate to our viewers. Utilizing footage mixed from other packs our talented group of writers create and narrate an atmosphere for all to enjoy.


  • Guided Mediation: The guided meditation packs mix the immersion of your space with the slow spoken words of our meditation guides. Enhance your abilities for self reflection and emerge into the real world revitalized.

Relaxation, exploration, therapy...

there is one for everyone

  • Oculus Video Player

  • Vive Video Player

  • Try the latest VR video player on mobile app stores for mobile viewing.

Recommended Video Player Apps

high quality 360 immersions

  • 4k resolution

  • Rendered for monoscopic VR viewing

  • Playable on most portable devices. Videos are best viewed in a VR headset.

  • Wellness packs are delivered via zip folder upon purchase. Videos can then be transferred to the desired video player.

Video Specifications

did you know

  • We give discounts on our wellness packages to service men & women. First responders, teachers, firefighters and moreContact us for further information.

  • Receive a REWARD. Free 5th video in every "Intermediate Challenge" package.

  • Purchase packages as an individual, with the individual licensing option.

  • Or purchase a commercial license for use at your establishment.

Package Perks

is everyone using VRET

Virtual Reality Exposure Treatment:


- From Stanford University to Georgia State's CMII location, virtual reality within the wellness and health industries has never been more accessible for both doctor and patient.

View this article from the APA.

- With decades of studies on vr exposure therapy and amplified learning capabilities many scholars stand behind the use of this technology. VR provides a safe way to relax or take on fears.


- Therapist, Doctors, Health Professionals and Healers alike are finding daily uses within their practices for VR.

View this article from the Psychiatry Advisor

- Take your headset loaded, with Exhale XR wellness packs, to your local gym, out of town on long journeys or just enjoy relaxing with Exhale at home.

- VR treatments can be used with a professional or at home on your terms. Both are effective ways to enjoy and enhance your life through VR.

View the Exhale XR Blog for more case studies related to the many uses of VR for wellness and therapy.

Who & How

safety first

-Sanitation. Sanitation. Sanitation. Refer to your vr headset manual for best practices, as a general rule using alcohol wipes to clean the most touched places on your headset is ok. Do not get near the lenses with the wipes. 

- Always be aware of your surroundings.

- Always abide by the virtual reality industry     

  standards when viewing an Exhale XR immersion.

- Parent or guardian must be present when     

  allowing younger people to partake in any XR, VR

  or AR produced by Exhale XR. 

- Review the immersion demo material

  and descriptions to decide the best positioning

  before fully emerging into the experiences.

VR immersions are very kid friendly. Let your

  children and their friends travel to neat locations,

  allow them to be guided into a place of calm with

  one of our guided meditations or spoken word packs.

  A homeschooling delight, these videos can assist in 

  both learning and play times.


- Be sure to check your vr headset instructions for all age and play space safety guidelines.

Safety Tips

make your space inviting

Extended Reality:


  • Dispense pleasing aroma therapies to your immersion space room.

  • Lower the lights once you have established your immersion safety zone.

  • Find a quiet place to flow directly into your perfect immersion adventure.

  • Always make sure incense and candles are completely distinguished before putting on your vr headset.

  • Feeling adventurous? Try using your wireless headset while securely sitting on a porch swing or well braced hammock.


  • For public locations consider adding a fragrant oil or lotion to the chest or neck area for an enhanced experience that will not bother others.

  • If you are in a noisy location use headphones to help dilute the exterior sounds. 

  • Carry alcohol wipes and a cleaning cloth for your lenses to keep your headset safe and lasting.


  • If you are in a noisy location use headphones to help dilute the exterior sounds. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Find a cozy chair or corner to enjoy your experience without interference. 

  • Whenever emerging into vr in public always make sure your valuables are protected before putting on the headset. Use common sense when covering your eyes and ears for an extended amount of time.  

  • Carry alcohol wipes and a cleaning cloth for your lenses to keep your headset safe and lasting.

Best XR Practices for Calming

Individuals are free to purchase and view Exhale XR content for their own private use.

Show your friends for free in your headset but if you plan to make money with the Exhale XR content be sure to purchase a commercial license from the Wellness Shop.

Individual License

personal use

Corporations, LLC and independent contractors displaying Exhale XR content are required to purchase commercial packs.


Commercial packs come with licensing rights for public display and vr immersion sales.


This license does not allow for you to sell the Exhale XR content only display it under your business name and in your company owned vr headsets.  

Commercial License

relaxation stations & display

We prefer to think of our work as accenting the industry as a whole. Exhale XR's content producers come with a combined 30+ years of imagery experience and location scouting. This allows for a deep understanding of what is most visually appealing and captivating when capturing spaces for immersion.


We update the Wellness Shop's products monthly.


For clinics, treatment facilities, and individuals this means full control of their VR explorations, health and wellness. 

We produce magical content for the mind with wellness at the top of our priorities. Be it 360 vr video or 3D worlds like Wanderlust XR, we are keeping the idea of what everyday people want from their immersions. Mixing the real and unreal to provide a pleasurable sense of being is one of our specialties.


Our content is available to anyone with a mobile, wireless or tethered vr headset. 

adventure with us

What Sets Us Apart

Like many amazing technological advancements in the past, virtual reality will apply a new foundation for growth within your establishment.


VR does this in an affordable manner.


You will find that many of your clients are waiting for this opportunity to arise in their local settings. 

grow with the flow

Company Benefits

Yes if you purchase a commercial package for your business it can be included in your expense write offs. *ask your cpa for % details

sometimes there are perks


The Exhale XR swag bags are reserved for companies who purchase our commercial VR therapy packages. 

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  • Are you a developer, sound designer or other awesome individual looking to work a vr ar wellness company?

We are not currently looking for new additions but it never hurts to reach out. 

  • Are you a poet, guided meditation expert or storyteller looking to collaborate with us?

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