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a plethora of gorgeous environments

The Exhale XR | VR Wellness library is a great addition to your daily well-being routine. This virtual collection is a library of bright, beautiful, 360° calming immersions. Exhale XR’s main goal is to quickly transition the viewer into a fully immersive 360° space, that will instantly provide a sense of calm.

A user friendly and affordable VR Wellness app is now available for all. 

Find the Exhale XR | VR Wellness collection on iOS and Android



iOS and Android -

The World of Wanderlust app brought to you by Exhale XR ™ provides hours of unique calming immersive locations to pick from, options to personalize your player space, guided meditations and spoken word all in one easy app.

What to expect in the mobile app:

  • Botanical Immersions

  • Enchanting Forest Getaways

  • Ocean Retreats

  • Underwater Journeys 

  • Wildlife​​ Viewings

  • Travel Destinations

  • Woodland forts and more...

  • Preferred atmospheric vr player options

  • Gaze styled selector for easy touch less


  • 4K VR videos filmed to showcase 360 degree immersions on your phone.​​

  • The footage contained within the wellness library is unique to this app and not available on other viewing platforms.

VR Device App

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expand into the metaverse

Created through time, space and a divine fusion of atomic anomalies The World of Wanderlust XR  was born. Wanderlust XR seeks to subconsciously work with the user as a therapeutic tool for successful steps towards a more comfortable lifestyle. Access creative, fun and unique ways to relieve stress and reduce anxieties.


 The World of Wanderlust XR app brought to you by Exhale XR ™ is designed to inspire, exhilarate and improve the mind body and soul of the user through thought out explorations, interactions and adventures.

With a touch of reality, a pinch of natures wild ways and a creative development team this vr experience is sure to be a new app favorite for all ages.  


What to expect in the VR app:

Everything within the mobile app plus...

  • 7 exclusively unique sky islands

  • Reflection ponds and water accents

  • Meditations Spaces

  • Guided Yoga

  • Guided Breathing exercises

  • Rewarding fitness interactions

  • Lazy Space River gondola ride 

  • Virtual wildlife interactions​

  • Interactive musical instruments

  • Atmospheric accents

  • Varied breathtaking overlooks of the world

  • Plenty of places to perch and ponder the galaxy, or whatever

  • Days of exploration, immersions and rewarding interactions

  • Hours of unique 4k immersions not available on any other viewing platforms

  • Easy to use interface

  • Static vr player option available under settings for low signal connections

*Exhale XR strives to provide a meaningful safe play-space for our users. Exhale XR, along with all related ™ & ©  applications, web-sites and/or public social accounts will NEVER collect or sell your personal growth data or private information. To find out more on the personal growth data collected through direct and third party applications, stores and non-affiliated apps please subscribe to the Exhale XR blog. 

Best XR Practices for Calming

make your space inviting

At Home

  • Dispense pleasing aroma therapies to your real world immersion space.

  • Lower the lights once you have established your immersion safety zone.

  • Find a quiet place to flow directly into your perfect experience.

  • Always make sure incense and candles are completely distinguished before putting on your vr headset.

At the Office

  • For public locations consider adding a fragrant oil or lotion to the chest or neck area for an enhanced experience that will not bother others.

  • If you are in a noisy location use headphones to help dilute the exterior sounds. 

  • Carry alcohol wipes and a cleaning cloth for your lenses to keep your headset safe and lasting.

  • If you are in a noisy location use headphones to help dilute the exterior sounds. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Find a cozy chair or corner to enjoy your experience without interference. 

  • Whenever emerging into vr in public always make sure your valuables are protected before putting on the headset. Use common sense when covering your eyes and ears for an extended amount of time.  


Helpful Hints:

  • Use before or after massages, yoga, therapy and more.

  • Consider adding a fragrant oil or lotion to the chest or neck area for an enhanced experience.

  • Lay down in any immersion to enjoy the sky, just like outdoors. Remember you must set up your relaxation space before entering a headset. 

  • Consider covering your favorite chair, couch or floor space with a fuzzy cozy blanket to enhance the sense of comfort and relaxation during your VR experiences.

  • Add a bit of chocolate, grapes or your favorite snack to delight your senses while in your choice immersion.

  • For the adventurous viewers who take safety seriously, set up in a hammock or hanging chair for a truly incredible weightless accent to your VR experience. *attempt at your own risk.

Safety Tips

safety first

  • Sanitation. Sanitation. Sanitation.

      Refer to your vr headset manual for best                      practices, as a general rule using alcohol wipes to        clean the most touched places on your headset is        ok. Do not get near the lenses with the wipes. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings.


  • Parent or guardian should be present when     

      allowing younger people to partake in any XR, VR

      or AR. 


  • Exhale XR apps and immersions are kid friendly. Let your children and their friends travel to neat locations, allow them to be guided into a place of calm with one of our guided meditations or spoken word choices.


  • A homeschooling delight, these videos can assist in 

      both learning and play times.

  • Be sure to check your device instructions for the best safety guidelines.


Relaxation, exploration, therapy...

what fits best for your needs

  • Relaxation: The apps and all interactive elements within them are set up with a focus on beautiful views mixed with slight atmospheric hints to help you glide into a calm place.

  • Therapeutic: The therapeutic focused pieces of the explorative experiences are strategically designed for users to grow past phobia(s), anxieties and stress on their time. 

  • Spoken word: The spoken word productions are created to inspire and empower. Our talented group of writers create and narrate an atmosphere for all to enjoy.


  • Guided Mediation: The guided meditation immersions mix the experience of a calming location, with the slow spoken words of our meditation guides. Enhance your abilities towards self reflection and emerge into the real world revitalized.

Who Uses VR

is everyone using VRET

Virtual Reality Exposure Treatment:


  • From Stanford University to Georgia State's CMII location, virtual reality within the wellness and health industries has never been more accessible for both doctor and patient.

  • With decades of studies on vr exposure therapy and amplified learning capabilities many scholars stand behind the use of this technology. VR provides a safe way to relax and float away or take on debilitating fears.



  • Therapist, doctors, health professionals and healers alike are finding daily uses within their practices for VR.

  • VR treatments can be used with a professional or at home on your terms. Both are effective ways to enjoy and enhance your life through VR.

  • View the Exhale XR Blog for more case studies related to the many uses of VR for wellness and therapy.

Home School and

 At-Home Learning Potentials

grow with the flow

Like many amazing technological advancements in the past, virtual reality will apply a new foundation for healthy growth, connection and learning within your family.

Helpful hints:

  • A homeschooling delight, these videos can assist in both learning and play times for home-school and entertainment. Create fun adventures with your little ones using the Exhale XR apps.

  • Get up close and personal with wildlife.

  • Make a day of it! Create a full lesson complete with lunch or dinner to compliment your family's vr travels. Going to the park in VR? Grill out in the yard after the adventure. 

  • Compliment underwater adventures and wildlife experiences with a book or educational video on the wildlife witnessed during the immersion. The sky is the limit!

  • Combine their love of tech and nature while at home. Take a trip through this safe and easy library of 360 degree immersions ranging from underwater adventures to nature and wildlife experiences to keep your little ones occupied learning and happy to do so.

  • Cast Exhale XR content to different devices for family inclusion and multi person viewing.


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accent your services with VR

Like many amazing technological advancements in the past, virtual reality will apply a new foundation for revenue growth within your establishment.

You will find that many of your clients are waiting for this opportunity to arise in their local wellness center settings.

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