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In 2016, under the pioneering vision of our holding company, Artist Life Vision VR, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey. Our mission? To craft unparalleled experiences for VR enthusiasts by filming in sophisticated 3Dexperiences. By 2018, our track record boasted a wide spectrum of attention with our many VR-AR applications and experiences. Our prowess in the realm of 360° short films and VR-AR technologies has not only earned us accolades but also prominent media attention, as highlighted by Julian Vigo's coverage on about our latest AR app release.

Recognizing an untapped potential in the public VR wellness space, we brainstormed. Our goal was simple yet ambitious: Design a VR app that stood apart from the rest, filling the void in the VR app marketplace. But, what's in a name? The "XR" in our brand encapsulates 'Extended Reality'. This means blending age-old wisdom with cutting-edge technology to redefine immersive experiences beyond what conventional mobile apps offer. This very ethos is what our newest release embodies. 


Exhale XR is more than just a brand; it's our commitment to enhancing well-being. As we evolve and innovate, user feedback remains our guiding star, ensuring that we continually adapt and grow, always aiming for the zenith of VR wellness.

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At the heart of Exhale XR lies a bold vision: to revolutionize the way individuals engage with relaxation and rejuvenation in the virtual realm. In an age where mental well-being is paramount, there exists a global demand for accessible, innovative tools for self-enhancement. Exhale XR doesn't just want to answer this call; we want to redefine it.

Our application isn't merely about virtual reality; it's about crafting an immersive oasis of calm, accessible at the fingertips of anyone, anytime. Whether you're looking to add a touch of tranquility to your daily routine or immerse fully into a therapeutic experience, Exhale XR becomes your bridge to a flourishing space dedicated to elevating mental wellness.

Join us, either in the solace of your home or under the guidance of a professional, and be a part of this transformative journey.


individual immersionist


anticipated audience

students and educators

wellness centers

care facilities

medical centers and institutes



360 production - R&D


360 production - dev R&D began for Rift and mobile


In the face of challenges this past year, our resilience not only saw us through but also underscored the pressing demand for Exhale XR's development.


iOS & Android VR release


Steam VR release


Adapt Exhale XR | VR Wellness for better experiences

statement from the founder

In today's fast-paced world, we're constantly adapting, often accompanied by stress. Exhale XR is our reminder that it's okay to pause and breathe amidst the chaos. Through this app, my ambition is to bring tranquility to individuals globally, many of whom I will never meet. My vision is for Exhale XR | VR Wellness to offer solace to you and your dear ones. As we evolve into 2024, I invite you to be part of our journey. Thank you for considering Exhale XR. 

Stephanie Marlo

Founder & Operations Manager

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