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In 2016 our parent company, Life Vision VR began to develop and film in spherical formats with the VR immersionist in mind. Fast forward to 2022, and we’ve released numerous VR-AR apps and experiences, and hold a list of awards, interviews and accomplishments for 360° short films and work in the VR-AR fields. On top of those accomplishments, we have gained an increasing amount of positive media coverage, much like this article on our last AR app release from Julian Vigo at


Upon seeing a need for more public VR self care tools, a small group of us began to discuss what an easily accessible VR app could look like. The concept formed into a relaxation app design which had been missing from the VR app store experiences. ​What does the XR in our name stand for? Extended Reality. To extend one’s reality we mix a traditional approach with the newest technological tools. In order to provide the fully immersive and extended experience, the immersionist deserves, we had to go further than the mobile phone apps allow for, and that’s what our latest release is all about. Continuing forward in early 2022 we hired Dynamic Augmented Solutions to bring Exhale XR to life in VR for numerous HMD types.

The Exhale XR brand is a project with direct intentions for the wellbeing of others. The brand has and will continue to adapt and grow as we learn more from users feedback.  

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The Exhale XR mission is to provide exciting, quality ways for the immersionist to relax and rejuvenate at their own convenience. People around the world are in need of easy, affordable access to more mental health tools for self-improvement. Exhale XR strives to provide a wave of smiles and relaxation across the globe with the use of our virtual reality app. By adding Exhale XR to your wellness routine, you’ll become a part of the growing community of better-living and mental well-being practices. At home by oneself or alongside a professional.

individual immersionist


anticipated audience

students and educators

wellness centers

care facilities

medical centers and institutes



360 production - R&D


360 production - dev R&D began for Rift and mobile


hard year but we survived

and found even more need for Exhale XR to be developed


iOS & Android VR release


Steam VR release


Adapt Exhale XR | VR Wellness for better experiences

statement from the founder

In the modern world we humans are often faced with the need to adapt at a rapid pace, and with that need comes a certain level of stress. Exhale XR reminds us it is ok to take a minute to exhale, especially when life gets too stressful. My hope is that the Exhale XR | VR Wellness app will bring a bit of calm to you and your loved ones. We plan to adapt and grow into 2023, I hope you will join us. Thank you for your interest in Exhale XR.


Stephanie Marlo

Founder & Operations Manager

Suggest Exhale XR to a press, media or influencer friend on social media. Do you think the Exhale XR | VR Wellness app would make a good podcast interview or published story? Contact us for more information on the company, team and newest releases.

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