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Release date - 10/14/2022

Game price - $3.99

DLC prices - $.99-1.99 

Platform - Steam VR 

VR support - Valve - HTC - Rift - Meta Quest 2 - Windows MR

Exhale XR provides a distinctive approach to VR wellness, exposure therapy, and the innate sense of wanderlust experienced in VR games. Designed with VR enthusiasts in mind, we've crafted a world for individuals and professionals alike, offering a hassle-free environment to meditate, decompress, self-reflect, and focus. As we mindfully venture into the metaverse, Exhale XR aspires to provide an evolving experience that serves as a refreshing escape from our day-to-day activities while fundamentally allowing a multifaceted user base.

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“Come with us to explore the furthest realms of your imagination, escape into your own world of relaxation and healing”

"Inhale from the past, exhale into the future with Exhale XR."

"I find self reflection and relaxation to be a must have in the urban survivalists tool-kit."

Mindfully entering the metaverse, Exhale XR anticipates a solution for all of us who could use a rejuvenating break from our “day to day” activities, with the release of the Exhale XR | VR Wellness app.


Find your perfect getaway mixture of relaxation and exploration. Personalize your virtual retreat library to fully immerse into a place for solace, all your own. With everyone's different lives in mind Exhale XR has designed a solution for easy accessibility to mental health breaks, whenever and wherever you desire!

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Reflection Island

Magnificently designed to tempt the senses, Reflection Island offers numerous interactions to guide users towards a calm state for self-care, meditation, and decompression.

Key elements

breathing exercises

suspended gong

restful rock toss

360 video retreat

wellness library

Meditation locales

pillow stack

candle light

wading pond

atop the tree

Ethereal Island

Carefully sculpted, this island is designed with a heightened sense of natural being. Rest under the tree roots in the water, gaze upon the sprites, or hop onto the glass elevator to ascend to the tranquil tower above.

Key elements

glass elevator

glass floor overlook 360 video retreat

Meditation locales

tree bases

wading waters overlook

Meditation Island

To utilize this island, one must first release the sprite from its bottle. Suddenly, an array of interactions and spaces for meditation emerges on the island's floor.

Key elements

sprite release

meditation gazebo


360 retreat

Meditation locales



Tower of Tranquility

High in the night's sky, hundreds of feet above the trees, stands the Tower of Tranquility. This tower exudes a sense of harmony and comfort. Feel a welcoming glow of healing as you ascend past the botanicals, reaching further into the tower's peak.

Key elements

cosmic basketball archery

spacious overlook

Meditation locales

tip-top of tower

glass floor

Excellent meditation and mindfulness locales.

Atop the wise old tree among the pedals

Wading in the island waters of the islands

Alongside the candle lite pillow stacks

Tip-top of the tower & tower deck

On the glass ethereal overlook

Root into the meditation gazebo with 360 view

Surrounded by the tree roots in wading waters



At the heart of Exhale XR lies a bold vision: to revolutionize the way individuals engage with relaxation and rejuvenation in the virtual realm. In an age where mental well-being is paramount, there exists a global demand for accessible, innovative tools for self-enhancement. Exhale XR doesn't just want to answer this call; we want to redefine it.

Our application isn't merely about virtual reality; it's about crafting an immersive oasis of calm, accessible at the fingertips of anyone, anytime. Whether you're looking to add a touch of tranquility to your daily routine or immerse fully into a therapeutic experience, Exhale XR becomes your bridge to a flourishing space dedicated to elevating mental wellness.

Join us, either in the solace of your home or under the guidance of a professional, and be a part of this transformative journey.


A bit more about the Exhale XR | VR Wellness world experience...

On October 14th, 2022, through the power of the widely-respected Steam Gaming platform, Exhale XR burst onto the global stage. We're excited to share that millions of Steam VR enthusiasts now have instantaneous access to a curated blend of world-class retreats, immersive experiences, and transformative meditations, tailored to fit their unique schedules.

While Exhale XR may not delve into realms of virtual real estate, social interactions, or cryptocurrency, it pioneers a singular journey into diverse states of mindfulness, playful exploration, and profound meditation—a meta odyssey in its own right. Designed with a broad user spectrum in mind, our VR wellness app empowers users to customize their experiences. Whether you're someone who revels in the thrill of vertiginous heights or prefers the grounded serenity of a pond, Exhale XR ensures your need to explore aligns with your comfort zone.


An exciting highlight: Exhale XR isn't exclusive to Meta Quest 2 and Rift. It seamlessly integrates with Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets as well, opening doors for an even larger community of Steam VR users to embark on personalized journeys of relaxation and mindfulness.

While our soft launch has garnered positive feedback, we remain committed to perfection. Expect fine-tuning and enriched interactions as we stride confidently into 2023. As the holiday season unfolds and the new year beckons, we invite you to embrace the Exhale XR experience. Perhaps, it could be the cornerstone of your 'new year, new me' wellness regimen!

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