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A user friendly and affordable VR Wellness app is now available for all.

The Exhale XR | VR Wellness library is a great addition to your daily well-being routine. This virtual collection is a library of bright, beautiful, 360° calming immersions. Exhale XR’s main goal is to quickly transition the viewer into a fully immersive 360° space, that will instantly provide a sense of calm. 

Find the Exhale XR | VR Wellness collection on iOS and Android


The Exhale XR | VR Wellness app provides hours of unique, calming, immersive locations to pick from. With options to personalize your player space, guided meditations, and spoken word, available in an all-in-one easy to use app.

What to expect in the mobile app:​

  • Botanical Immersions

  • Enchanting Forest Getaways

  • Ocean Retreats

  • Underwater Journeys 

  • Wildlife​​ Viewings

  • Travel Destinations

  • Woodland forts and more...

  • Hours of relaxing VR videos and moods.

  • Preferred atmospheric vr player options

  • Gaze styled selector for easy touch less interactions.​

  • 4K VR videos filmed to showcase 360 degree immersions on your phone.​​

  • The footage contained within the wellness library is unique to this app and not available on other viewing platforms.

Google Play VR App
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