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We invite you to participate in Exhale XR's upcoming research and development initiatives in 2023.

We are thrilled to announce that Exhale XR is launching new research studies in 2023 and we are eager to invite therapists, hypnotherapists, and ketamine therapy practitioners to collaborate with us. Exhale XR has already gained immense popularity among VR enthusiasts worldwide, and we believe that our research will be of great value to practitioners who work with patients who can benefit from immersive therapeutic experiences.


By joining forces with us, you can participate in shaping the future of VR therapy and contribute to the development of the Exhale XR app. Our joint efforts will lead to positive outcomes for both your facility and patients.


For more information about Exhale XR's current studies and press coverage, please refer to our website. We cannot wait to embark on this exciting research journey with your facility.

Participant Sign Up

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On-site requirements to participate

PC or Laptop

system requirements for Exhale XR_VR meditation app.JPG

Compatible VR headset

  • HTC Vive Pro

  • HTC Vive Pro Eye

  • Vive Pro 2

  • Meta Quest

  • Meta Quest Pro

  • Windows Mixed Reality

Who are we looking for?

  • Psychiatrists and psychologists specializing in anxiety disorders, phobias, and PTSD

  • Pain management specialists

  • Anesthesiologists and anesthetic nurses

  • Oncologists and hospice care providers

  • Physical therapists and occupational therapists

  • Rehabilitation centers and facilities

  • Wellness and meditation centers

  • Addiction treatment centers

  • Sports medicine clinics and practitioners

  • Military and veteran healthcare facilities

  • Dental clinics and practitioners

  • Cosmetic surgery centers and practitioners

It's worth noting that many other healthcare providers and facilities could also benefit from being involved in this Exhale VR study, and that this list is not exhaustive.

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