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Elevating Your Journey: Explore Free DLC's and Enhanced App Features

Exhale XR updates: Over 35 DLC's become free starting Dec 1, 2023. 28 DLCs to be retired. App enhancements for improved user experience coming soon. See the list of updates and changes below...

Greetings to the Exhale XR Community,

Big news from Exhale XR! We're making significant changes based on your valuable feedback. Here’s what to expect starting December 1st, 2023:

  • Free DLC Transition: Over 35 DLC titles will shift from paid to free, making our resources more accessible for wellness.

  • DLC Retirement: Concurrently, we will retire 28 DLC titles to refine our offerings.

  • Comprehensive Update: These DLC changes are part of a broader update to the Exhale XR app, enhancing in-app interactions for a more dynamic user experience.

Terms of Exchange: Users who purchased any of these soon-to-be-free DLCs between October 1st 2022 and November 30th, 2023, can exchange them for a complimentary guided meditation or spoken word experience. Details for this exchange can be found below.

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause. Rest assured, any purchased but discontinued retreats can still be enjoyed via any 360 video player app.

To Exchange a DLC:

Email us at with:

  1. Your Steam username.

  2. The name and proof of purchase of the retreat.

  3. The title of the guided meditation or spoken word experience you’d like to receive.

We're excited about these updates and are committed to enhancing your wellness journey with Exhale XR. Thank you for being a part of our community as we move into this new chapter.

Warm regards,

The Exhale XR Team


Beginning Dec 1st, 2023

DLC - Retiring retreats

Enchantment - Lounge experience - Park day - Seasons grace -Waterfalls - Vast wilderness - Secret forest - Nights glow - Joyful wildlife - Glowing sky - Getaway - Bug's eye view - Roaming - Adventure day - Tranquil space - Serene city - Inspired moments - Unique moments - Waters magic - Natures kiss - History road - Country dreams - Tour of the gardens - Wildlife - Waters flow - Woodland journey - Explore beauty - Life's embrace

DLC - Free

Botanical dreams - Spring journey - Waters overlook - City pleasures - Fall journey - Splendid life - Vast view - Serenities door - Seasonal journey - Restful ways - Earth's beauty - Graceful skies - Ocean daze - Lazy day - Youthful dreams - Trail to calm - Healing vibes - Solace - Critter watch - Soul shine - Dreams of past - One - Earth's kisses - Good day vibes - In the waves - By the water - Majestic creatures - Foggy mornings - Magnificent dream

Exhale VR World - Major Updates



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