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Exhale XR | Coming soon to Steam VR

We’ve been anticipating the expansion of the Exhale XR app for Oculus, Meta Quest and HTC Vive users…

That day has arrived!


Currently hundreds of people enjoy the Exhale XR mobile app for their daily relaxation purposes. Released on Android and iOS in the spring of 2021, the Exhale XR | VR Wellness app has gained a following looking for an easy, relaxing VR getaway. We are excited to announce that this winter a more extensive and immersive version of Exhale XR will be available on the Steam VR store.

Open your mind to a space designed specifically for self reflection, relaxation and meditation. A virtual world in which your inner child finds delight, joy and solace around every corner. Transcend with ease into a place of calm with the Exhale XR app.


Are you an Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Meta or HTC Vive user looking for a virtual reality relaxation app unlike any other?

The Exhale XR app encompasses a virtual world filled with many destinations, interactions and methods developed for a healthier mental wellbeing. Wander the virtual islands, discover the treetops to face your fear, or love of heights. Or, stay grounded with breathing exercises that induce peace, reduce anxiety and assist with better sleeping patterns.

Become a monthly subscriber to gain access to hours of tranquil destinations found within the Exhale XR relaxation library. Browse the many VR titles that include guided meditations, spoken word and relaxing experiences to ease the mind. Or choose to unlock the relaxation library to challenge your fears, allow you to face phobias in a safe environment or utilize the many experiences within the Exhale XR app to help with PTSD. Exhale XR provides a playground of activities for better at home wellness practices.

Broaden your wellness routine a step further by gaining access to the full Exhale XR relaxation library. A VR library filled with hours of immersions to embark upon. Imagine effortlessly transitioning from a babbling brook to a bubblegum sunrise by the ocean, or from the top of a skyscraper to a bug's eye view, all within one VR getaway. The monthly subscription opens access to the full Exhale XR relaxation library. Explore through hours of relaxing VR immersions to find your perfect getaway combinations.

Check back soon for the winter release date.

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