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Veterans Day Appreciation Giveaway

Are you a veteran or active duty military? Do you have a VR headset? Are you interested in trying VR for relaxation or as an aid for PTSD and anxiety? If you answered yes to these questions then you are just the person we think could benefit from the Exhale XR experience. Links below.

Let's do it! How can I be one of the 5 winners? Simple…

2-Follow the Exhale XR community hub

3-Briefly share your most relaxing place and experienced senses of a memory in the “Veterans Giveaway Forum”.




11-15-2022 11:59 EST

We will be announcing the winners on 11-18-2022 through the community announcement board and DM.

Our thanks:

As a recognition for all of the sacrifices of a normal life you make to defend our freedoms we are forever grateful. Part of our mission here at Exhale XR is to provide a quality space for those who are in most need of a peaceful world to just exist in, with no expectation for sacrifice or strife, even if it’s only for a few moments at a time. The world exists now for anyone looking to find it.

Veterans, active military and civilian first responders rank at the top of our “who are we designing this app for” list. That being said we will be holding more giveaways moving into 2023 which are directed at getting the app into the hands of those who could use it most. If you miss out on this one please be sure to follow us for all of the giveaways and contests to come.

Main giveaway page, click here



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